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Re: Planet X: Visible SIZE, Estimate 2


Using Jim's estimate when Planet X might be compared to Jupiter, a known
entity to amateurs.  Jim is using Robert's Table of Distances.

    Unless I missed something here this is not rocket science. All
    approximations, figures rounded:

    (Px=4x dia. Earth, Jupiter=11 dia. Earth,
        therefore Jupiter=2.75 dia. Px)
    Jupiter mean dist. from earth is .484B mi.

    8/7/02 Px 24.5B mi.
    24.5B/.484B=50.6 times Jupiter's 2.75=139.
        Px is 1/139 view size of Jupiter
        (not allowing for trailing, swirling moons.)

    4/2/03 Px 5B 5B mi.
    5B/.484B=10.3 times Jupiter's 2.75 dia Px=1/28th size of Jupiter.

    4/30/03 Px 1.2B mi.
    1.2/.484B=2.4 times Jupiter's 2.75=1/7th size of Jupiter.