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Re: Planet X: Visible SIZE, Estimate 4


The Zetas have stated that at passage, Planet X and its complement of
dust swirl and moons will appear in the sky to be about as large as our

    The passing planet will be visible to all on that part
    of the Earth facing the Sun, not on the dark side
    except that they can see tail matter perhaps, to the
    side, like a comet tail but redish. To those viewing
    the passage, the passing planet seems to be a red
    cross, not larger than the Moon, and drifting slowly.
        ZetaTalk™: Hour of the Shift

    Just what is it that the human eye will see, then,
    during that 7 week approach? ... How large, and how
    bright, will the cross become? Not as large as the
    Moon, and also not as bright, as the Moon's
    brightness is reflected sunlight from an object very
    close to the Earth, and the 12th Planet will be some
    distance until the last days. It is the motion of this
    object that will most disturb those watching it
    carefully and thoughtfully, not its size or brightness.
        ZetaTalk™: Reddish Cross