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Re: Planet X: Visible SIZE, Estimate 5


And last, Jim returns with another basis of estimate, which I consider
excellent as it is based on at least ONE firm point, that Planet X
approaches but is not larger than the size of the Moon, during the last
weeks and at the point of passage.

    My last calculations as to PX viewing size were based
    on Robert's figures. Right? Wrong? Nobody knows, the
    Zetas will not address this. We have only one distance
    from the Zetas, that is the 14,000,000 mi. closest
    approach to earth (hope I remembered this correctly,
    can't find the ref.).

    Planet X = 4 X diameter Earth
    Earth = 4 X diameter Moon
    Ergo, PX = 16 X diameter Moon

    PX closest approach to Earth = 14,000,000 mi.
    Moon mean distance from Earch= 238,000 mi.
    14,000,000/238,000 = 58.8 X distance of Moon

    PX = 16 X size of moon, so,
    58.8/16 = 3.6 (Moon is 3.6 times larger)

    PX will be approximately 1/4-1/3 size of the moon
    at the closest approach. All figures approximations
    and rounded. The swirling, trailing, moons cannot be
    accounted for, this could make PX appear larger.