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Planet X: a NEW Zetan Emissary?

A month ago, I pointed out that Open Minded is in hiding, so he will not
be called to account when Planet X is viewed this Fall and Winter.  No
name, no location, not even an email address by which he can be tracked,
and as soon as his presence on the July 13, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC
Session was allowing him to be tracked to his lair (NCF from FL on the
Cox Communications network) he winked out and disappeared.

    (Scarface) Resolved to

    (Scarface) It's behind a LAN
    (NancyL) Like posting on  Who knows
          who you are?
    (NancyL) Sirgrim, IMO hides.  Is there anyway to find
          out WHO he is?
    (Wage) They pull your email address, etc, from M$
    (Sirgrim) Goes from IL to NY to DC to GA to FL to NCF
    (NancyL) He has this "About Me" page on his web site,
          dedicated to being the spokesperson for finding PX,
          so he and NASA hope.
    (Sirgrim) IMO is Open Minded
    (NancyL) Or I should say NOT finding it, per his
           directions (or should I say mis-directions).
    (IMO) If any of you true believers have a scope, you
           should go look for Nancy's planet.
    (IMO) See
            her position is now viewable.
    (IMO) No sign of her planet though ... it is not there.
    (Sirgrim) IMO: my
          reaction to your pictures, you see it?
    (NancyL) A whole page, about being a grandpa, his
          hobbies, etc. NO picture, NO name, NO city, NO state,
          NO occupation.
    (NancyL) :-) Such COURAGE, Open Minded, from
          someone who wants to lead the world into a
          disinformation fog!
    (NancyL) And if he is so SURE PX will not appear, later,
          to be obvious, then why the hiding?
          (er, disinformation) OPEN MINDED!
    (NancyL) We should take notes, where these people live,
          and look them UP later when PX looms inbound.
    (NancyL) If they work for NASA, and KNOW is it
          coming, then HEY, lets hold them responsible for
          their disinformation!
    (IMO) You idiot ... the picture was to show that the
          coordinates were available for scope viewing, not to
          look for the planet.
    (NancyL) IMO!
    (Cybervvizz) Karmaaaa
    (NancyL) You're HERE.  Now you can tell us "About"
          yourself, like NAME, CITY, LOCATION, etc.
    (Anonymous) What's with the counter-witch-hunt
          prosecuted against dissenters?
    (NancyL) We wait with bated breath!
    (Agreenspan) He seems to have proved your point, N.
    (NancyL) IMO, stand behind your words, COWARD!
    (NancyL) Anon, what is good for the goose is good for
          the gander, no?
    (NancyL) Oh, I forgot, Anon, you only think I should be
          attacked and held responsible for misleading people.
    (NancyL) Does it not cut both ways?
    (NancyL) IMO left? COWARD Indeed!
    (NancyL) He's afraid you'll trace him, if he sticks around.
    (NancyL) Anyone catch which hole his tail went into,
          when he slithered away?
    (Sirgrim) I've already traced him, he seen it going
          through a firewall between Florida and Georgia.

See all the Planet X: Run and Hide! postings for details.
( Humm, is NCF a NASA
CommandCenter in Florida? Meanwhile, Open Minded Still In Hiding has
assigned himself to become the new Zetan Emissary, stating where Planet
X is to be viewed at present. From last Saturday's Live ZetaTalk IRC

    (Sahir) Mid Sep?
    (NancyL) Meanwhile, IMO has become the new Zetan Emissary,
           per him, and is stating WHERE to look :-)
    (MikeAus) *L*
    (NancyL) But IMO remains in hiding! No name, no location, etc.
    (S7L) NancyL: your coordinates are very close to the same position
    (Howmo) Why don't YOU say where to look, Nancy?
    (S7L) So he can easily give a rough idea where it *must* be.
    (NancyL) So he can run away when it becomes visible this Fall and