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Re: Planet X: a NEW Zetan Emissary?

Sarah Mc wrote:


> She has a lot of nerve claiming that people on sci.astro are "hiding",
> when she sends you to answer (a couple) of questions asked of her
> personally.

Nobody has "sent" me to answer for Nancy or anybody else.

When Sarah MacIntyre for the n'th time deliberately confuses Nancy and
ZetaTalk with Troubled Times Inc., where I am the Internal Auditor, it is my
duty to point out these errors. Due to the mix-up between the two legal
entities, I also chose to answer some of the "questions" on behalf of the

However, calling the repeated insults against Nancy and Troubled Times Inc.
"questions" are not making them any more true. Why on Earth Sarah MacIntyre
is so obsessed with Nancy and ZetaTalk is beyond me. As ABC commented in
another thread, she seems to know ZetaTalk better than most.

This whole news group seems to have changed from sci.astro to
alt.flame.zetatalk. One could almost suspect that the noise level is
deliberately being turned up to drown the Planet X info...