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Re: Planet X: VIEWING Specs 9/15/2002

On Sun, 15 Sep 2002 07:07:12 GMT, "Jan Owen" <> wrote:

|Jan Owen> Anyone who believes this garbage Nancy has concocted, is WAY past simple
|Jan Owen> ignorance.  It would take someone who is certifiably some distance off
|Jan Owen> plumb, like the conspiracy idiots who believe we never landed men on the
|Jan Owen> moon, to seriously believe Nancy's crap.

You are a very flawed human being. Can you prove that this event has never occured?
History speaks for itself. The gatekeepers (media) only give you tibids of 
information regarding your meager existence. Man is not infallable nor on a 
macro level even close to mastering the riddle of the cosmos.

Time will tell, but then again there is the possibility that you may die of 
diabetes? Hmmm.

|Jan Owen> But go ahead and sue her into oblivion anyway.  You have my permission.

And you are the spokesmen?

|Jan Owen> There are plenty sleazy lawyers around who would be more than happy to take
|Jan Owen> folks' money to bring suit.  But I wouldn't bet on anyone (other than the
|Jan Owen> lawyers, of course, and in this case, probably not even them), making
|Jan Owen> anything from such a case.

Hahahahahahahahah! Foolish! You would get laughed out of court. 
You see your flaw is that you offer nothing new to add to the pot. 
I think many of the detractors are envious with a hint a jealously. 
The detractors have nothing to offer... n o t h i n g!

And what a very fascinating first post:

> From: "Jan Owen" <>
> Newsgroups: alt.appalachian
> Subject: Re: Fairmont tunnel
> Message-ID: <t4DC8.40536$>
> Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 22:52:09 GMT
> This thread was great fun for me!!!
> I was born in Fairmont General Hospital in 1943, and grew up in Fairmont
> until my family moved to Arizona in 1960.
> We've never, ever stopped reliving our West Virginia years.  I only get home
> rarely, mostly for WFHS reunions (class of '61), but I still have fond
> memories of Fairmont and surrounds.  The most thrilling thing for me is
> going back there in June and hearing the song of the wood thrush.  I loved
> that sound so much, I have a digital sound track of that  song just to
> remind me once in a while...
> Thanks for the memories!!!
> It's those fond memories that keep bringing me here...  ...but it's rare to
> hear anything about Fairmont!!!

And jokes? Really!

> From: Joachim Verhagen <>
> Newsgroups: rec.humor,sci.misc
> Subject: New in the science jokes collection
> Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 12:31:42 +0100
> Message-ID: <>
> Version 7.29     Time-stamp: "March 2, 2002"
>> From: "Jan Owen" <>
>> 5 folks who made 4,532 posts to complain about false advertising of that
>> secondary spectrum...

And lastly,

> From: "Jan Owen" <>
> Newsgroups:alt.activism.death-penalty,,talk.politics.guns,alt.crime,sci.astro.amateur
> Subject: Re: "apollo manned-moon missions" debunked for good!
> Message-ID: <8JD99.5597$>
> Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 04:12:52 GMT
> Because he's so clueless he can't remember his real name.
> Doesn't matter anyway.  He's no one.
> He's barely a pimple on a gnat's ass.
> Ignore him.  There's no one more easily ignored than no one...

You are right welcome to my kill file:)