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Re: Planet X: VIEWING Specs 9/15/2002

James wrote:

> On Sun, 15 Sep 2002 06:34:57 +0000 (UTC), Bill Nelson wrote:
>> In sci.astro Jan Owen <> wrote:
>> Anyone who has, or may still, believe the ravings of Nutty Nancy
>> Lieder, and who is gullible enough to have done something as a result
>> that has adversely effected them, would have scant grounds for litigation.  
>> They would themselves, by definition, be certifiably mentally incompetent 
>> for believing such bilge, much less acting upon it...
>> On the contrary. Mental incompetence of the defendent may be a defense,
>> but it does not apply to the plaintiff. There is a lot of legal precident
>> on this.
>> Besides, simple ignorance and mental incompetence are not the same thing.
> People:
> Those that think Nancy is nutty are well mistakened. Her act and all her
> writting and even her web page is a con. This woman is methodical and
> deliberate. Not exactly what one would call nutty or rantings of a mad
> person.
> Remember she is doing this for a living and making money at it! She is
> preying on those that cling to the alien visitations/abduction
> conspiracies etc.
> James

That's the problem. Some of you think she is nutty and some think she is 
diabolically clever, with some type of financial motive and such. It can't 
be both I guess. Maybe it's that she is really for real. A third option, 
since you people can't seem to decide which of the first two options it 
might be. Can anyone clarify? And tell me if she is just nutty or clever? 
Or for real.

Also, are the new coordinates good or bad? Can anyone see it ??