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Re: Planet X: VIEWING Specs 9/15/2002

Sarah Mc wrote in <> 

> Garrett wrote in message <ns9289A8A9C2072samsara2003@> 
> <snip>
>> So how about a new look at the coordinates NOW.  Let's see what's
>> there... 
>> Sept 15th, 2002
>> RA 4.400347
>> Dec 12.14128
> Gee Garrett, We've only been looking for 6 years, since Nancy claimed
> it was visible (mag 2) in Amateur scopes in 1996. She told us we were
> all hiding the fact that we could see it, that we were pawns of NASA
> and JPL. Now all of a sudden, you want us to start looking again?
> What makes you think we haven't been looking all along? There's
> nothing there, Garrett. Nancy posted the same coordinates that I
> explained to her on her IRC chat, yet she turned around and called me
> "a dope" and "the new Zetan Emmisary". Now here she is, blathering
> away about her accuracy, yet IMO and others (myself included) told you
>  where to look and that it wasn't "light polluted" over a month ago.
> So who lied, us or Nancy? Her "new" coordinates have been visible for
> many weeks now. The "new" coordinates are almost in the save FOV with
> a wide angle EP as the last ones. A butterfly landing breath on my
> scope would put them in the EP. Now, who's the "dope" here?
> Why don't you go buy yourself a telescope like Jan did, and look for
> yourself. Don't come here telling "us" to look, when we've been
> looking at the night skies for many years. Now all of a sudden, you
> seem to know more about astronomy than anyone here.
> Look again, my ass.
> Maybe you shuld look again - at your own convictions and education
> Garrett.
Sarah, I'm planking your childish ramblings so don't bother responding.  

Is there ANY astronomer NOT on the payroll to debunk Px that could post 
pics of this location.  If it's not there. Let's prove it.