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Re: Planet X: VIEWING Specs 9/15/2002

I M Openmind wrote:

> Steve Havas wrote in message <zZ2h9.334196$>
>> Sarah Mc wrote in message <>
>>> ZetaTalk wrote in message <>
>>> <snip>
>>>>     What might appear to be bobbling of [Planet X], inbound,
>>>>     as the RA and Dec may move side to side over time, is in
>>>>     fact an illusion caused by the bending of red light, the
>>>>     predominant light coming from this smoldering brown dwarf.
>>> You ignorant, foolish old woman you. You do realize that the July
>>> coordinates and the September coordinates are easily seen in the same
>>> Field of View? Yet you called IMO, S7L, myself and others
>>> "disinformation agents"; now, who's the disinformation agent, High
>>> Priestess?
>>> RA 4.405136 Dec 12.13919 Jul 13, 2002
>>>>     RA 4.400347 Dec 12.14128 Sep 15, 2002
>>>>     RA 4.400986 Dec 12.13942 Oct 3, 2002
>>>>     RA 4.400546 Dec 12.13745 Oct 25, 2002
>>>>     RA 4.400057 Dec 12.13215 Nov 6, 2002
>>>>          ZetaTalk, Sep 15, 2002
>>>>     RA 4.29741 Dec 9.96621 on March 3, 2003
>>> <snip>
>>> We were completely correct, 100% accurate in our statements - and you
>>> had the nerve to call me a dope when I explained to you exactly what
>>> appears above.
>>> Ignorance abounds in the halls of the ZetaCult.
>> So enough of the chit-chat, now that the coordinates are up how about
>> someone takes somes images and posts up some fits files?
> Because nancy will point to a faint star, claim it is her planet, and
> you will immediately believe her even though the star exists on other
> sky images.  That's your track record Havas.

But it's not MY track record. I want to see the evidence that what she 
points to is something that's been there forever. Bring it on. The more 
evidence the better. You claim this has been done before where what she 
points to is something that was there long ago. Fine. How about another go 
round? Can't hurt. Can only make her look, shall we say, worse?! IM 
Openminded, the only thing I don't understand about you is why we don't 
know your name. And why you seem to want to keep that name secret at all