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To the Astronomic Community & Enterprise2002

To: The Astronomic, Scientific, and General Community.


Where as,
Planet X has now been imaged 3 times over the past 3 weeks
at the coordinates specified.

and by its direction and history,
these issues are of great significance to the human race.

Where as;

I M Openminded has shown himself a Coward and unable to defend his Fraud,

another is prepared to step forward and debate these issues with me,

Time is short.


I am prepared to debate the proxy Brian (Angle Isle) Enterprise2002, so
these findings can be reviewed and the scrutiny of the issue occur, provided
Brian (Angle Isle) Enterprise2002 is prepared to accept the Rules of
I am prepared to have Yo assist as second to the proxy.

J.William Dell

To: Brian (Angle Isle) Enterprise2002


Greetings and may I say, I find honour in a brave man coming forward as
proxy, so things may be revealed.

I ask you, Brian (Angle Isle) Enterprise2002, whether you agree with the
answers to the questions submitted by the Fraudulent Coward I M Openminded
and which are available in this message thread, or if you wish to submit
your own answers, which you may do at this time to expedite this debate.

Listed below are the Questions and the Rules of Engagement.

+++++++++++++++++++ Start text

So that you and I, and the audience viewing
can all start this debate from the same page.

I ask you to define and explain the following

1) Define the term " total reflection" ?

2) What effects can "total reflection" have on an image taken by a camera?

3) What is your explanation of the anomaly picked up on Frame 4-R of Sept.
   21 2002 at the exact coordinates specified?

4) Can you relate to the statement below, as an attempt to explain " total

Quote from Zetatalk chat log Oct 5 2002.
 (NancyL) ZT: Planet X is appearing in only one spot on the images, and what
   is commonly termed white light appearing at the coordinates spot given.
 (NancyL) ZT: However, there can be ghosts, caused by reflection, that can
   appear NEAR an object.

I reserve the right to rebut your answers to these questions before we
proceed to the debate proper.


Rules of engagement

1) this debate will be on analysis of  2 sets of images taken by Steve Havas
   Sept 21 2002 and Oct 4 2002, of the coordinates provided by Nancy Lieder on
   behalf of the Zeta.

2) this debate will be on the findings of the original report submitted by
   J.William Dell titled " Analysis of PX Oct 9 2002 "

3) This debate will draw on information contained within the WebPages
   and other pertinent data.

4) The process of debate will consist of my opening statements, followed by
   your statements, followed by my rebuttal, followed by your rebuttal, and
   beyond if necessary.

5) Each post will only contain the comments of the sender with all other
   previous statements removed. Reference to previous comments can be done
   through hyperlink or reference by quote.


To expedite the process, please confirm the following.

Is it agreed that the images taken by Steve Havas on the dates Sept. 21 2002
and Oct. 4 2002 are legitimate and unaltered?

Is it agreed that the coordinates given by Nancy Lieder as of the dates
Sept. 15 2002 and the date Oct. 3 2002 are reflected in the Steve Havas

Do you agree to the rules of engagement?

Once you have responded to the questions listed above, and I have rebutted
or waived rebuttal, we may begin the debate proper.

As this newsgroup has a posting time lag of anywhere from 3 to 9 hours, it
is recognized that the debate may stretch over a number of days.
++++++++++++++++++++++ End Text

You may indicate acceptance immediately and respond later with your answers
to the questions.

Do You Accept?

J.William Dell