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Re: Analysis of PX images Oct 9 2002

To: Yo


I ask you to second Brian (Angle Isle) Enterprise2002 in the upcoming
debate, so that he may have an opportunity to study and Collaborate on the
original fits files thoroughly.

You are looking for an easy determination, by having someone else do the
work, and make your decisions for you. This will not be allowed.

I have studied 3 sets of images now, and Planet X is real. In the first set
of pictures it was clearly seen, EXACTLY at the COORDINATE POINT.

Only through the efforts of the FRAUD by I M Openminded, has any confusion
arose on that point.

AS I M Openminded has now been proven a COWARD by his hiding from debate, it
is important that this issue receive a clear and definite debate.

That anything would appear on the summary images at the specific spot in the
Sept. 21 images is remarkable.

To be seen in a new location on the Oct. 4 images, in the SPECIFIED
COORDINATES beyond a coincidence.

Now, it has shown up Oct 11 just off the previous Oct 4 coordinates with
brighter light appearing from the true Object each time.

It is becoming very convincing.

Sept 21, 2002 Object on Coordinates
Oct 4 2002   Object on coordinates
Oct 11 2002 Object on coordinates


J.William Dell

Work for you to do.

This job will require you to become intimate with the Cadet Calibration
  software for stacking and darks
  download and set up

As well, the recognition and pixel strength test are done in the Avis Fits
Viewer program
  follow the processes as given to achieve your findings.
  download & set up

In answer to your questions about what you are seeing on images.

Remember thar BMP & JPG loss of quality is high.

The only images to have top quality are the fits files and now YOU will make
a determination.

These can be found for Sept 21, 2002 at

For Oct. 4 2002

For Oct 11 2002

I will answer questions on this thread as to the use and work involving
these programs and to specific questions involving image processing and

Instruction for download and set up files

To Down load Fits files requires
  right-click over hyperlink
  save target as ?
  Change file .ext from .fts to .fit or .fits

In Cadet
  Use calibrate image button on tool bar

Load fits images (all for summary) & 3 darks
Load each file seperately with 3 darks

  and save

You have no flats, so ignore box call for flats

To enhance Use Dr Okano Digital
  Non-enhance - leave alone
  Save as fits file

Open in Avis fits file viewer
  use flip vertical to return to cadet orientation.
  Use avis for recognition of objects

Use No enhance files for pixel strength test 
  to apply test
  right-click with crosshair over spot
  new box up with strength squares