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To many, this has become a veritable "Holy Jihad " against the forces of 
evil! Too many combatants here are not capable of perceiving the 
religious aspects of the arguments presented here, and the implications 
on "religious thought" have been all to conveniently glossed over, by most.

Throughout history, Astronomy certainly has played a significant role in 
our understanding of the struggle between Science and those religious 
myths that are continuously trying to suppress scientific truths for 
their own narrrow and personal self interests.

We can all remember how Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for 
publishing his revolutionary astronomical theories (and they even used 
his books to stoke the fires). How Gallileo was 'crucified,' tortured, 
and made to recant... and who on his death bed stated, "And yet, the 
world IS round."

How many of you have noticed that the people arguing against Nancy's 
ZetaDroids seem to be the 'white anglo saxon protestant' (WASPs)? They 
are most probably affiliated with the notorious "religious right," and 
their attacks have nothing to do with Astronomy as their 'hidden agenda' 
is to perpetuate their perverted religious views and destroy any views 
which might challenge the traditional 'right wing' agenda. This is 
something folks here should be aware of when reading their posts.

It appears that they have declared a Holy War against Nancy and the 

But, what is their true purpose?