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Re: Hey Nancy: Human Knowledge of Gravity Seems Pretty Good

The Commentator wrote:

> Anonymous wrote:
>> Anders Eklöf wrote:
>> High Aders!
>> What have you got for me today?
>> What? No tasty morsels of putrid dribble to put on my plate? Come now,
>> surely you must have some opinions regarding all this?
> Yup, Nancy.  I do have some opinions.  You are a twit and a grifter.
>> Have you seen the new photos of Planet_X?
> How do you see photos of something that does not exist?  Is this like
> the voices you hear in your head?
What voices? I don't hear any voices. Perhaps you are a little confused, 
I'm not Nancy, creep. This poster is a male, and the name used is 
Anonymous. It seem like this guy calls all the posters Nancy. He 
apparently has some sort of fixation with the nice little old lady who 
writtes the Zetatalk column. Probably due to some imagined wrong he 
feels that Nancy may have dealt him?

Hey, if that's how you get your kicks, Commodore (He's probably wacking 
off to this post right now.) You're a disgusting dirty old man... Notice 
the time of his post. He stays up all night just to molest some 
delusions that he is having his way with the poor old woman, an old gray 
haired grandmother at that. How disgusting!