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Zetas RIGHT Again! (Quake Under-Reporting)

On Mar 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the 1999 Predictions that the
increasing earthquake frequency and severity will be under-reported in
the media, a coverup in place to dampen panic.

    So, what is going to happen in the next four years? Are
    we going to just trot along and arrive one day when the
    giant comet comes roaring through and a pole shift occurs?
    Of course not. You're going to have increasing earthquake
    tremblers. ... This will be defused by the media which will
    fail to report them. Some earthquakes in remote places
    will not be reported at all, but nevertheless, word will get
        ZetaTalk™: 1999 Predictions

By early 2002 under-reporting by the USGS was palpable. As Troubled
Times members noted:
  - The NEIC web site and found out there were 23 [early 2002]
    earthquakes of magnitude 5.9 or above. That is about 1 a day.
    NEIC claims that on average there are only about 1 such
    earthquake every 3 days.
  - During Sep/Oct to Nov 7th, there were 42 Quakes 6+, an
    average of two every 3 days! In the last 30 days [Oct], 108
    earthquakes of 5 or above.
  - The USGS lists [the March] Japan quake as a 6.3. China's
    news agency reports 6.9, then [USGS] upgraded the magnitude
    of the Japan quake from 6.3 to 6.5.
  - Also, the USGS has upgraded the March 5th earthquake in the
    Philippines from a 7.2 to a 7.5.
  - The BBC says the March 25, 2002 quake in Afghanistan
    registered "about seven on the Richter scale." The USGS lists
    it as a 6.0, and then they upgraded the magnitude of the Afgan
    quake from 6.0 to 6.1.
  - On March 26, 2002 ABC News reported that the March 3
    earthquake in Afghanistan registered a huge 7.9. But back on
    March 3, the U.S. Geological Survey called it a 7.2, but now
    they call it a 7.4.
  - An article on the Rense site [on under-reporting]

Caught in the act!

Zetas RIGHT Again!

For the full picture see the Quake Patterns TOPIC and ZetaTalk summary: