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Zetas RIGHT Again! (Quake Increase)

On Mar 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the 1999 Predictions that earthquakes
will increase in both number and severity on a linear scale going into
the pole shift in 2003.

    You're going to have increasing earthquake tremblers.
        ZetaTalk™: 1999 Predictions

    Earthquakes will up-tick.
        ZetaTalk™: Next 3 1/2 Years

    Earthquakes increasing in frequency and intensity,
        ZetaTalk™: During 2001

    Earthquake and volcano activity will steadily increase, on a
    somewhat linear scale.
        ZetaTalk™: During 2002

This trend was noted by Troubled Times members:

    Last 5 days; a 7.9 in Alaska, a 7.7 near Sumatra, the two
    5.somethings in Italy with Etna blowing, and also a
    Volcano erupting in Pakistan, with a 5.+ earthquake there.
    Also a big one in Northern Japan. In the last 30 days, 108
    earthquakes of 5 or above.  Sounds like a lot. A 7.5 just hit
    Ascension Island (Near St. Helena) and a 5.2 in Southern
    Japan.  Plus another volcano, this time in Quito, Ecuador.
    A sudden increase.

    An article on the Rense site [on under-reporting]
    in turn leads to this URL listing earthquakes 6+ and above.
    500 earthquakes just since 20 August 2002. Wow!

I took a snap shot from the National Seismic System
comparing Sep/Oct in 2001 to the same period in 2002.

In 2001 there were, during Sep/Oct:
    3 Quakes 7+ Avg 7.17
   22 Quakes 6+ Ave 6.36
  227 Quakes 5+

In 2002 there were, during Sep/Oct:
    4 Quakes 7+ Ave 7.65
   42 Quakes 6+ Ave 6.36
  244 Quakes 5+

An increase in number AND intensity.

Zetas RIGHT Again!

For the full picture see the Quake Patterns TOPIC and ZetaTalk summary: