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Re: Planet X Debate Enterprise2002 vs J.William Dell

In Article <> Jan wrote:
> Sarah Mc wrote:
>> Jan wrote:
>>> John Jones wrote:
>>>> When did someone on sci.astro called Nancy a lesbian, pimp, or
>>>> prostitute?
>>> Never, as far as I know. Nor has Nancy used more than one of the three
>>> words above in the IRC chats.
>> It's called insinuation, Jan. Just like everything else Nancy says,
>> she does so in a fashion to giver her an "out" later on when she's
>> called on it.
> Coming from a master in the field, I guess you know the mechanisms well?

Indeed!  Actually, its Sarah who started this, and by her INSINUTATIONS
brought lesbianism into the picture.  I teased her about herterosex, and
she comments about women dating women!  Had it on her mind, I guess,
poor thing.  During the Oct 5 chat it was evident that Sarah and
Cunningham were TWINNING in their current debunking assignment,
questioning Steve Havas and J. William Dell’s qualifications, a tad
obvious in their TWINNING.  And Sarah’s mindset, ala lesbianism, was
already showing in her INSINUATIONS.

(Velvet) Are they qualified to understand astronomical data?
(MichaelCunningham) Good point
(MichaelCunningham) What of Hava's and Williams astronomical
(NancyL) Velvet, are you Lace, and Silk of former sessions? Sarah Mac
  feeling sexy?
(Velvet) Yes Nancy, hard to handle me isn't it?
(MichaelCunningham) What are Hava's and Williams astronomical
(NancyL) Cunningham, they are not paid disinfor artists, which puts them
  WAY above YOU, by the way.
(NancyL) Cunnignham yelled "fraud" when Pierre presented the Jan 19,2001
  CCD images, even before he had a look at them :-)
(SteveH) MC, my qualifications are what I've said on sci.astro etc so
  you decide
(MichaelCunningham) What are they Steve?
(Velvet) So, none Steve?
(SteveH) Diploma in mechanical engineering
(NancyL) Steve and Pierre and JWilliam do more than give opinions, they
  present their analysis, steps they take, etc, and original CCD FITS
(NancyL) Cunningham spouts his opinions and is proven wrong repeatedly
  on even those, but keeps spouting!
(NancyL) Lately Cunningham has been quiet, even absent, now he comes
  forward challenging others qualifications!
(NancyL) So, his orders, insult and question the qualifications of those
  who put up original CCD's et al!
(NancyL) But Cunningham we can expect to hear from for awhile, as he now
  has a new assignement and is spending his money, etc.
Live ZetaTalk Chat on Oct 05, 2002

During the Oct 12 chat I teased Sarah because she and Cunningham were
again TWINNING.  The week before, they had been twinning, hands on the
same keyboard, demanding to know Steve and JWilliam’s qualifications.
Either it was the same email assignment that went out to them, or they
were working from the same apartment, I figured.  And again, when I was
teasing about Sarah and Cunningham snuggling up in the same apartment
together, guess who INSINUATED otherwise! Or else, poor Sarah just has
lesbianism on her mind a lot, poor thing.

(Orion) MC, you come every weekend, even though you think this is crap?
  Explain yourself
(Silk) Apparently Havas is so unsure of himself that he won't submit the
  "finding" to the MPC
(MichaelCunningham) When is Havas going public with his "find"?
(MichaelCunningham) Nancy... when is Havas and the Zetas going public
  with his "find"?
(Obany) MC: mmm you sound like a broken record ...
(MichaelCunningham) The Zetas have claimed to try and warn the public...
  so when is Havas going public?
(NancyL) Silk! Is she drinking wine, her backsides snugged up to MC,
(Endeavour3d) Silk, why do you and the rest care about debunking Nancy?
  If we chose to listen to her, why does it matter to you?
(NancyL) Last week they were doing a one-two here, BOTH asking what
  qualifications J. William Dell and Steve Havas have!
(NancyL) I suspect Silk/Velvet/Lace is a sex starved divorcee whom MC et
  all are getting free services from.
(Silk) Nancy, sorry I don't date women. Keep your advances to yourself.
(NancyL) They tell her she's a sex pot, and she post on sci.astro for
  FREE. MC of course collects his side $$.
(NancyL) Poor MC, he needs a new approach to influence the masses!
  Insulting Steve is not cutting it anymore!
(NancyL) Snuggling poor sex starved Silk is not getting him far these
  days either!
(NancyL) Poor MC, a desperate debunker, soon to be underpaid!
Live ZetaTalk Chat on Oct 12, 2002