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Pole Shift in 2003 Date

As has been explained previously, all ZetaTalk information keyed to the May 15 date was part of the White Lie. This included the 7.3 weeks of naked eye visibility leading up to that date, so that when naked eye viewing of a red light fading in and out at our coordinates became visible in very late March, this brought weight to the May 15 date. All was designed to fool the establishment. We avoided, scrupulously, any efforts during the Spring of 2003 to pin us down to distance, allowing humans to speculate on the distance from Earth instead. We also refused to address the exact speed of Planet X, preferring to talk in general terms, stating it was a rapid approach to the outer edges of the solar system, and much slower when approaching the Sun due to the Repulsion Force effect. Nancy has pointed out several clues that May 15 was not and could not have been the date, in that we have stated in ZetaTalk that Planet X would dive 32 below the Ecliptic prior to passage and at May 15, 2003 our coordinates had only dropped to 7 below the Ecliptic. We also stated firmly in Nov, 2001, that no date would be given as it would allow the establishment to mistreat the populace.
ZetaTalk: Why May 15?

Since the inception of ZetaTalk, the passage with rotation stoppage and pole shift has been described as occurring "shortly after May 15, 2003". The Zetas declined to be more specific, citing in Nov, 2001 that the elite and those in power would use such knowledge to their advantage, and to the disadvantage of the common man. They also cited a preference for a later, rather than earlier, date, as waiting in a safe location for the date to arrive is preferable to finding time too short to make the move.

We have withheld the exact hour of passage from our ZetaTalk for several reasons:
  1. The establishment and those groups who would take advantage of good hearted folk would use this knowledge to better entrap and enslave and ensure their own survival at the expense of the good hearted.
  2. The timing of this can change slightly due to matters in the solar system, such that a mis-calculation could see us, in horror, watching good hearted folks trying to save those dependent upon them too late, by days or hours, a matter we would prefer to avoid for a later announcement, more precise.
  3. Earth changes, and the exact position of the Earth in relationship to the passing planet, will change slightly as the time approaches, so warnings for this or that part of the world may change at the last minute, or last week in any case. Best to leave this for then, so no misunderstandings can occur.
ZetaTalk: Hour of the Shift

Shortly before May 15, 2003:

On the Lou Gentile live radio show May 16, 2003, the Zetas gave a specific date of May 27, 2003, and reasons for being specific at this time. Details such as the day a late sunset could be expected, rotation stoppage expected, and the exact number of days, in decimals, until the hour of the shift:

As explained on Gentile last evening, but repeated here as many will not be able to hear this streaming audio, we have given the dates out because the US and Indonesian governments can no longer succeed with their plans. We had held the date close, to put these governments in the same position the common man they planned to murder are in, so that rotation stoppage would happen suddenly and prevent a smooth blockading of the city dwellers. As Nancy has been able to be interviewed in the US, the message of these plans replayed around the world, cooperation by the military or locale police in such blockades are unlikely to happen. Given such orders, they would object, refuse, allow escape, as they know the true agenda. Thus, the number of people injured by withholding the date outnumbered the number that would be murdered, the balance scale tipped.
ZetaTalk: Dates, Why Now?
Note: relayed during the May 16 Lou Genitle show, and addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.

The week following May 16, 2003:

Did the actions of the US Government indicate that US citizens were not going to be blocks from leaving coastal cities, so as to reduce the numbers of citizens demanding food and shelter from the White House, an act of murder by the US Government against their citizens? No! The opposite occurred, and the Zetas explain why the White Lie, and why specific dates should not be anticipated.

Following these two examples of dates given (May 15 and May 20), and the establishment taking steps in each instance contrary to the welfare of the common man, likewise continuing to disinform and uninform the public, the Zetas are advising that Earth changes be used as a guide for when to take steps, and explain why the date, and the date alone, was a deliberately confused issue.

Going into the predicted 2003 date, there were many opportunists attempting to get on the band wagon.

A review of 2003 shows that whereas the Passage did not happen in 2003, Planet X certainly arrived in 2003!